November 14, 2023
Contractors at DOE’s Paducah Site recently teamed up to highlight career opportunities available at the site during the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce WKY (West Kentucky) Launch Experience. The DOE representatives gave hands-on presentations about jobs ranging from engineering and science to the production of documents to over 800 middle school students from across the region. “Events allowing us to showcase the career ... Read More
October 17, 2023
Cleanup contractors at DOE’s Paducah Site engaged with the next-generation workforce at a Murray State University career fair for students from the science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and occupational safety and health (OSH) fields. DOE deactivation and remediation contractor Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership (FRNP) took the opportunity at the university in Murray, Kentucky, to recruit interns and build on the ... Read More
September 26, 2023
DOE transferred more than 180,000 pounds of reusable and recyclable materials recovered during the demolition process for 16 unused, outdated facilities at the Paducah Site over the past year to a local community reuse organization. The Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization (PACRO), in turn, uses the transferred property or proceeds from its sale to attract new jobs to the community. “The demolition of these smaller facilities ... Read More
September 5, 2023
The West McCracken Fire District recently praised the DOE Paducah Site’s fire department for the team’s community-minded approach to emergency response. From March to June this year, the fire department at the Paducah Site responded to 52 mutual aid requests from the West McCracken Fire District. A mutual aid agreement is a written agreement between agencies, organizations or jurisdictions to lend assistance across jurisdictional ... Read More
July 11, 2023
The Paducah Site and the Paducah Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) have teamed up to produce a documentary video about EM’s groundwater cleanup program, resulting in a collaborative communication tool that helps audiences understand efforts to remediate off-site groundwater contamination. EM partners with environmental regulators and community stakeholders to implement a cleanup strategy helping to reduce the presence of ... Read More