Document Production Lead

Position Description:

Specific tasks and duties include:

Lead and manage the Document Production group, which performs technical editing (grammar and punctuation) and formatting of letters and documents issued externally. Perform a full range of duties in accordance with established procedures and guidelines, such as the following:

Interface with document authors/owners (i.e., individuals responsible for documents/reports)
Ensure that document review requirements have been met prior to final approval and submittal to DOE
Change internal schedules to balance priorities without missing regulatory milestones
Provides assistance with locating historical documents
Develop and maintain document and letter templates
Secure external resources as needed to ensure deadlines are met (e.g., includes editing, graphics, word processing, production, etc.)
Schedule, prioritize, and oversee word processing/formatting, technical editing, reproduction (i.e., printing), and distribution of letters and documents
Responsible for ensuring letters and documents provided to external agencies are accurate and complete from a Document Production standpoint (not technically accurate and complete) once they are reproduced
Maintain “official working files” (i.e., assuring version control) on a large number of electronic files
Ensure that review requirements have been met prior to final approval and submittal to DOE
Develop a comment response summary when comments are received for the Regulatory Integration document authors/owners
Produce copies of documents, as required or necessary
Assist with the Xerox™ machine, as necessary, for supplies and maintenance

Document Templates and Processes

Implement CP3-EM-1015/FR1,  Correspondence and Document Preparation, Review, Approval, Reproduction, and Distribution
Maintain the Style Guide Library (letter and document templates) and the following items associated with it:

Maintain the Final Documents Library, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site,  and the Public Documents Library (on the World Wide Web) (i.e., implement mechanisms to transfer documents to internal and external sources)
Maintain the Federal Facility Agreement document distribution list (electronic)
Responsible for implementation and periodic updates of the Style Guide for Correspondence and Documents, CP5-EM-1000/FR1
Develop and maintain document and letter templates

Commitment Tracking System

Supervise and oversee the Commitment Tracking System (CTS), a Microsoft Access™ database tracking enforceable, regulatory, contractual, and internal commitments, and incoming and outgoing correspondence

Generate the weekly deliverables tracking report
Interface with DOE weekly on the deliverables tracking report and attend meetings as requested by DOE
Understand contractual requirements
Track documents and schedules
Maintain a list of regulatory documents

Minimum Requirements

BS degree in English or other technical field
10-15 preferred years of experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience
Advanced skills in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Professional
Knowledgeable of Microsoft Access, Excel and PowerPoint
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Must possess a DOE “L" clearance or the ability to obtain a DOE “L" Clearance


The experience and skills are listed below:

Extensive knowledge in the use of grammatical rules, spelling, and punctuation.
Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information. 
Ability to handle multiple tasks in a proficient manner. 
Ability to learn quickly and function in a fast-paced environment with frequently changing priorities is a must. 
Ability to work with a flexible schedule is a plus.