ConOps Mentor/Specialist

CONOPS Mentor/Specialist

Position Overview

Under general supervision, provides technical advice and guidance as assigned by management. Personnel will conduct observations and evaluations of field work with respect to the implementation of Conduct of Operations, Conduct of Maintenance, and Work Planning and Control. The specific work assignment may include duties or activities that assist and support management in one or more of the following functional areas, in addition to other duties as assigned:

 Review work documents (e.g., procedures, work packages, etc.) and associated support documents (e.g., job hazard analysis, USQDs, etc.) to ensure institution and facility requirements are met and the documents work together as written. Attend associated Pre-Job Briefings to ensure appropriate level of detail is discussed for the scheduled activity.

 Observe field performance to ensure that work documents can be performed as written, appropriate level of detail is captured in the work document(s) commensurate with the risk and complexity of the activity, and that personnel understand the requirement to stop if a work document cannot be performed as written.

 Observe other elements of Conduct of Operations, Maintenance and Work Control associated with the activity and coach and mentor as necessary.

 Assist with development of corrective actions (e.g., procedure changes, provide formal training, etc.), including fixing-on-the-spot, to ensure that institution and facility requirements are met.

 Assist with implementation of best practices from around the DOE Complex and the commercial nuclear industry to ensure safe, compliant and efficient application at FRNP.

 Support Operational Readiness program by participating in readiness activity reviews/assessments.

 Develop and implement assessment plans as assigned to evaluate compliance with Conduct of Operations elements.

 Other job related duties as assigned

 Maintains knowledge of and demonstrates ability to perform work safely in accordance with approved safety policies, procedures and applicable regulations and performs assigned duties in a safe manner.

 Actively participates in Safety Work Group.

Minimum Requirements

BS degree in a related field and 9 years of related experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.

Attention to detail

Ability to work independently

Requires strong technical, organizational, communication, and team building skills

Desired Experience

Experience in mentoring and/or implementing Conduct of Operations principles with an emphasis on procedure use, control of equipment status, lockout/tagout, and pre-job briefing is preferred. Experience in supporting startups and restarts of activities requiring a Readiness Assessment or Operational Readiness Review within the DOE complex is a plus. Demonstrated supervisory skills, project management experiences, and experience with implementation of safety basis requirements and controls are desired. Prefer experience in the nuclear industry as an operator, supervisor, or manager, in the areas of operations, QC/QA, maintenance, work control, or safety & health.

Working Conditions

Work in an environmental restoration atmosphere (outdated and/or abandoned facilities). Potential exposure to equipment movement hazards, dangerous chemicals/solvents or hazardous and radioactive materials if proper safety procedures are not followed.

Ability to wear respirator and other protective equipment to enter various types of potentially hazardous areas (such as but not limited to chemical, dust fumes, mists, heat stress factors, etc.).

Ability to carry several instruments/equipment or tools while walking extensively. Potential prolonged walking/standing, repeated pushing/pulling.

Ability to perform medium to very heavy work, exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, non-repetitive, up to 50 pounds of force frequently (any exertion of force/lifting greater than 45 pounds requires usage of a two person "buddy system"), and/or more than 20 pounds of force constantly, repetitive; performing such activities as lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing, pulling, standing, walking, grasping, kneeling, stooping, reaching.

Potential for prolonged driving of or riding in a motor vehicle, machine operation, and/or working around moving equipment/machinery or motorized vehicles (such as but not limited to car, truck, golf cart, gator, heavy equipment).

Ability to work in confined areas, tanks, heat stress conditions, high noise and areas with radiation and chemical hazards.

Environmental conditions may include weather or temperature extremes, inclement weather (such as but not limited to wind, rain, excessive heat, excessive cold, snow/ice, etc.)

In some cases radiological training may be required.

May be required to operate company vehicle during the course of work. All safety and DOT regulations and procedures must be adhered to at all times.

The statements above are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person assigned to this position. Principal duties and responsibilities are intended to describe the overall purpose of this job.

This job description does not state or imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform job-related duties as requested by management. All requirements are subject to modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with a disability.

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