Community Commitment

FOUR RIVERS NUCLEAR PARTNERSHIP, LLC (FRNP) will partner with community leaders to invest corporate dollars in such a way that it improves educational outreach programs, regional purchasing, and community support. Our presence in the community will be supportive and impactful as we continue to build on the relationships already established.

FRNP will build on and improve the community commitment plan that was successfully executed by teaming partner Fluor, which enriched the “four rivers” area including the counties most impacted by the DOE site; McCracken, Ballard, Graves, and Marshall Counties in Kentucky and Massac County in Illinois. FRNP brings a team that has strong ties with and is currently making both financial and resource investments in the local community. As a result, we are no stranger to the Paducah community; we are very familiar with the local community and its needs. Recent engagement by FRNP teaming member with the Paducah Economic Development (PED) resulted in the sponsorship of “Forward Paducah,” which was designed to help economic development agencies take a holistic, modern approach to economic development. This initiative helped the local community establish an economic vision for the Greater Paducah area and identify six strategic goals to move the community toward the vision. While the vision and goals have been established and communicated, the local community is in the midst of executing it.

Realizing this initiative is important to the local communities, our approach integrates our Plan with the Forward Paducah initiative by taking an active role in each one of the strategic goals to help facilitate the vision for region. Our leadership team, including our corporate Board of Directors, will be active members in the community and will support community functions, including but not limited to partnering with the local Chambers of Commerce and the Citizen’s Advisory Board. To support these goals, FRNP will commit 2% of our earned fee over the duration of the contract and 500 volunteer hours annually from our leadership team. Since our team has already served in the community, we know the mission expected by DOE and the local community. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen, not because we have to but because we believe it is the right thing to do.


Why the name Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership?

DOE executes some of the largest and most complex projects in the country.  While these projects are contained within the fences of the government-owned site, the surrounding community plays a major part and key to success.  Our JV not only will ensure safe execution of the Paducah D&R scope of work, but also wants to engage with the community and be a good corporate citizen of the region. Historically, the city of Paducah, its diversity, and its economy have been driven by two major influences: The Department of Energy Site and the four navigable rivers that converge in the region. With that spirit in mind, we thought hard about our JV name and chose “Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership.” We believe that the name is fitting and we look forward to the beginning of a long relationship with DOE at Paducah and with the larger community.